How does it work?

This is the main question we get.

We deliver and set up the hot tub for you. This is done on the first day of the hire (say Thursday for example) We run through everything with you when we set it up.    You then fill the tub with water and turn on the heating button.  The tub will be heated up and ready by the following morning if you put warm/hot water in too it.  You add a few chemicals (which we provide) and you are good to go.  We then come and pick the tub up on the last day of the hire (Say Monday for example.

For a weekend hire we drop it off on a Thursday so its ready for the Friday for you.

For a week hire we will drop it off the day before you require  it.

What is the minimum hire period?

Minimum Hot Tub Hire period is a weekend.  (Thursday-Monday)  As stated above though day 1  when we drop it off (Thursday) and day 5 is when we pick it up.(Monday)

If you only wanted it for one night though or wanted it picked up on the Sunday that is no problem.

We also do week long Hot tub hire starting on a Mon, Tue, Wed or Thur.  if you would like it for longer than a week please feel free to contact us.

What are the prices and availability?

All our prices are on the website.

Likewise if you click on a Hot tub there the calendar with availability will come up there.

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver our hot tub hire experience throughout the Highlands. If you live within 20 miles of Tore (postcode IV6) then will we will deliver and collect the hot tub FOR FREE.

Examples of places this includes:

  • Inverness hot tub hire
  • Dingwall hot tub hire
  • Anywhere on the Black Isle hot tub hire 
  • Alness hot tub hire
  • Invergordon hot tub hire
  • Drumnadrochit hot tub hire
  • Nairn hot tub hire
  • Balintore hot tub hire
  • Dores hot tub hire
  • Garve hot tub hire
  • Conon Bridge hot tub hire
  • Muir of Ord hot tub hire
  • Maryburgh hot tub hire
  • Beauly hot tub hire
  • Ardersier hot tub hire

For a small deliver cost we deliver to Places outside 20 miles such as:

  • Tain hot tub hire
  • Aviemore hot tub hire
  •  Forres hot tub hire.
  • Elgin hot tub hire                                                                                                                                                                      There is a delivery charge of 75p per 1 mile outside 20 miles.  This is calculated at check out on the website.

Where can I have the hot tub installed?

For the best experience we recommend an outside location. It must be a flat area that is free of sharp objects and is big enough and strong enough to withstand the hot tub.

We can install indoors but we strongly recommend a structurally sound area that is very well ventilated. Remember the area surrounding the hot tub will get wet, so please bear this in mind.

What access do I require?

Our hot tubs fit easily through narrow passageways, front doors and side gates. We will assemble the hot tub and give you the relevant information on how to fill, heat and check water levels.

How long does it take to assemble the hot tub?

Each hot tub should take as little as 40 minutes to fully assemble. It will take you between 90 minutes and 2 hours to fill the hot tub.

Do we need any special plumbing?

No. All you need is a standard  water tap (indoor or outdoor) and a drain – if you don’t have a drain nearby then it just means your patio etc will get wet when emptying. We can provide a hose if needed.

What are the electrical requirements?

We would require access to a 13 amp standard socket, either inside your house or, if an outside power point, at least 3.5 metres away from the spa. For your safety the hot tub is provided with an RCD residual safety device. See ‘What’s Required’ for further information.

Are the hot tubs child friendly and are there an age restriction?

The hot tub requires adult supervision at all times and the age restriction is at the discretion of parent or guardian; however we would recommend the temperature of the tub be reduced in accordance to the childs age.

How many people can the hot tub accommodate?

The Wyvis hot tubs is designed to accommodate a maximum of six adults.

The Fyrish hot tub is designed to accommodate four adults.


How long will it take for the hot tubs to reach suitable temperature?

We encourage you to fill the spa with warm/hot water to significantly reduce the heating and waiting time (our hoses if you require them connect to indoor taps.) If not The Fyrish and Wyvis can take between 20 and 34 hours to heat to the suitable temperature based on an increase of 1 degree per hour.

How much will it cost to run?

This will depend on the outside air temperature and your choice of heat setting, but with appropriate use of the very efficient thermal cover this can be as little as 25p a day.

How does the hot tub maintain its temperature?

In order to maintain a constant temperature the hot tub needs to be connected to an electric supply. The very efficient heat exchanger will regulate the temperature; this will be aided by the thermal cover provided.

What about the electrical safety?

The hot tub is supplied with a residual safety device (RCD), for your comfort and safety.

How do we check the water quality?

It is very simple and we give you the appropriate information, testing strips and chemicals to ensure you can check your water levels. Further information will be provided on day of installation.

What type of chemicals do you use in the hot tub?

We use good quality PH and chlorine chemicals. Some company’s do not use chemicals appropriately but for both the beneifit of the customer and the hot tub we use good quality chemicals with every hire.

What if something goes wrong during the hire?

It shouldn’t do but if it does information the folder will answer most queries that arise. Failing that, a call can be made to Highland Hot tub Hire on 01463 233 222. Please note that if an employee comes out to your site and it could have been sorted by reading the manual, a call out charge will be applied.

Do we empty and turn off the hot tub at the end of the hire?

At the end of the hire we ask you to add the Milton solution provided to clean the tub and leave it for at least two hours. We then ask you to empty the tub-this takes about two hours.